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Baby Storytime

baby-bluesI suppose I should clarify that this was actually a preschool storytime about babies, rather than a storytime for babies.  (I have info about Babytime too, this just isn’t it!)

Since preschoolers just love to remember way back when they were babies, we read stories and sang songs about babies, and then the kids drew pictures of what they looked like as babies.  Everyone had fun, although I think some of the stories (like Baby’s Got the Blues) resonated more with the parents of young babies than with the preschoolers.  Still, appealing to adults is good, too – it at least cuts down on the chatter.

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Forgive Me, I Meant to Do It

In honor of National Poetry Month, our Mother-Daughter Book Club read Forgive Me, I Meant to Do It: False Apology Poems by Gail Carson Levine and then wrote some of our own false apologies.  My favorite?


This Is Just to Sayforgive-me

We sent you out
in the woods
all alone
with some bread

you found a gingerbread house
and a witch
who wanted to eat you
after roasting you

Forgive us
we ate
a lot better
when you were gone


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Index Card Towers

BigKids1We did Hands-On Science for about a year before we instituted Engineering Challenges, and let me tell you, there is a world of difference.  Both are really fun, but engineering is so much easier to plan and run.  Once you choose the challenge, it’s just a matter of gathering materials and showing up.  For this program, we gathered up some old card catalog cards and index cards and let the kids build the tallest towers possible in 45 minutes.

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Egg Storytime

egg-chalkA lot of the Egg storytimes I found when I was searching for materials online were actually Easter storytimes.  Despite what you may think from the craft, this one was pretty straightforwardly Egg.  It was also a little bit raucous – a full room, including lots of babies and toddlers and overly chatty adults.  And last week I thought we might be slowing down for the season!  It was tons of fun, and I stole a lot of great ideas from around The Internets including a great flannelboard song and this fun craft.

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Space Storytime

space-craft-smWe had fewer kids than usual this week, maybe because some of our area schools are on spring break and maybe because it’s finally spring and the kids were all out on the playground.  Either way, the storytimes were missing a little bit of the sparkle that comes with a bigger group.  Or maybe it was the theme – there were two of us doing space storytimes this week, and neither found it 100% inspiring.  I had more fun the last time I did a space storytime, but that was at a day camp, and the kids were slightly older and were all the same age.  Oh, well – live and learn!

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Fun with Science

play-Fizzies-crop-smI did manage to get my Fun with Science program from last fall written up.  Enjoy!  If you also looked at the Fun with Math write-up, you may have noticed that we had 70 people for Fun with Math, but 125 for Fun with Science.  What can I say?  Science just sounds cooler than math.

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Spring Break Flubber

???????????????????????????????This week is our spring break, so I ran two sessions this afternoon of one of my favorite science programs – Flubber.  This is a wonderful program because it is very hands on and engages a wide age range, so we had families who were able to bring in two or three kids.  Flubber is such a fun tactile experience that the play definitely overshadows the science, but that’s ok with me – I’m happy to give them just a little taste here and leave the heavy-duty science teaching to the experts.

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