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Sound Science Storytime

sound4Today we played around with and made several instruments while exploring the science of sound.  The room was loud, but not as loud as I thought it might get.  It was fun trying to come up with non-percussion instruments to make and explore.  There was plenty of percussion too, but it was nice to branch out a little bit.

This is a program I really enjoy doing.  I don’t think I’ll get to do another Science Storytime for a while – we’re seriously curtailing programming as we head into a renovation – but I would definitely like to do some more.  They’re really fun for kids and caregivers.  And librarians, of course.

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Boys & Books: Dracula vs. Grampa at the Monster Truck Spectacular

???????????????????????????????One of the moms told me at the beginning of the program that when she told her son it was Boys & Books night she got a fist pump and a “Yes!”  I figure that’s as good an endorsement as you’re ever going to get for a book club.

My dilemma this month: what do you do with a book the kids like but that has almost no potential for discussion?  Answer: you find a really cool activity to go with it.  It’s great how much fun these digitally-savvy kids (and parents) can still have with a pile of cardboard tubes and boxes, scissors, and masking tape.

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White Storytime

one-big-pairClouds and snowmen and penguins and shoes and … underwear!  Yay!  Somehow I missed the opportunity to use the “Little Mouse” flannel board this week.  Hard to believe.  We did spray shaving cream, though, so that makes up for a lot.   This was the last of our color-themed storytimes.  Next week we’ll be doing favorites and then we’ll have winter break.

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