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Stars & Hearts Storytime

love-monsterThis was my last regularly scheduled preschool storytime for the school year.  I’m sure I’ll manage some school visits, and maybe some camp visits or outdoor storytimes in the summer, but I’m basically going storytime-free until fall.  The withdrawal has not yet set in, but I’m sure it’s coming.  (I do get to keep my Babytime, which is some consolation.)  Of course, on my last storytime pre-construction, I had the biggest group I’ve had all year – and then had to tell them we wouldn’t be having storytime in this particular time slot any more.  Story of my week.

Overall, I’m not sure the shape-themed storytimes were as much fun as the color-themed run we did in the fall.  Still, there were lots of good choices for hearts and stars, especially two days before Valentine’s Day.

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Boys & Books: I survived the destruction of Pompeii, AD 79

i-survived-pompeiiI know the I Survived series is a big hit, but I was still surprised to have a full house for Boys & Books this month (12 kids) when we’ve been having pretty small groups lately.  It turns out some of the January moms were big cheerleaders and got some friends to sign up.  It was great to have a big group, and they really enjoyed the program.  That made it a little bit sad that we’re moving into construction in March and are putting a temporary halt on programming.  Some of the moms were talking about running their own book club while we’re out of commission.  I hope they do – and I hope I get the boys back when construction is done!

Even with the big group, we managed a successful combination of low tech (baking soda and vinegar volcanoes) and high tech (iPad apps) with minimal destruction.

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Dots & Stripes Storytime

bubble-wrap-printOne of the things about a tandem storytime is that it is much harder to improvise.  When we got through our storytime and realized it had only lasted 20 minutes, we were pretty much done anyway!  (Usually I bring a backup book or two, just in case.)  This week, it worked out well, because the craft – bubble wrap printing – was slightly more involved.  So, short but sweet.

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