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Pigs (kindergarten outreach storytime)

princess-and-the-pigAfter a bit of a storytime drought, I ended up doing a pile of outreach and in-house storytimes this week.  I’m not going to write up the off-the-cuff outreach storytimes I did as a last-minute fill-in using whatever books I could find around my house — too embarrassing.  (Also, why do I have a mental block about how many r‘s and s‘s there are in embarrassing?)  I was, however, really pleased with this Pig storytime.  I did it for two different kindergarten groups and it was awesome fun both times.  The kids both listened silently and had interesting discussions about the books.  I saw all of these kids at the beginning of the year, and it’s amazing how much they’ve matured with almost a full year of kindergarten under their belts.

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Beach Storytime

how-will-we-get-to-the-beachThis was my first in-library preschool storytime in a while – I am only doing Babytimes this season – and I decided to go with beach because it’s the last storytime before summer.  (And, oh, how I wish it was warmer!)  This particular storytime gets a lot of older toddlers as well as preschoolers and kindergarteners, so it’s a bit of a planning challenge to find things that will engage everyone.

I do miss having a separate program room for storytimes.  There are soooo many advantages to being at a slight remove from the collection (not to mention the playthings) while trying to keep kids’ attention.  I know the shelvers hate looking at our reshelving cart post-storytime.  Younger sib not engaged?  Watch her pull all the books off the shelves!  This, too, shall pass…

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