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Craft Inventory

soupIn cleaning my office for construction, I came upon this huge pile of crafts I was saving up.  They are now in the recycling bin, but I figured I’d better keep track of them, just in case.

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Summer Special Needs Storytime

jump-frogOur elementary schools mainstream most kids with special needs, but they do have Comprehensive Needs classes for kids who can’t mainstream for academics.  We’ve been working with the Comprehensive Needs class at the school down the street for about two years.  Sometimes they come to the library and we do a storytime for them here, and sometimes we go to visit them at school.  Because of construction, our last two visits of the school year were in their classroom.  We’ve established a pretty good routine with them.  They know us and are familiar with our opening and closing songs.  I make sure to bring the guitar, since music usually goes over well.  Last month we did a Spring storytime for them (which I think I forgot to write up), and for our last visit of the year, we did Summer.  We had a lot of fun, and the kids participated and really enjoyed it.  This was particularly gratifying since one of the kids used to cry every time he saw us.  He’s moving to middle school next year, so this was our last chance.  I think we nailed it.

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Boys and Books: Little Wolf’s Book of Badness

little-wolfs-bookAfter a two-month break, we brought back Boys and Books this month with Little Wolf’s Book of Badness by Ian Whybrow.  We were in the Auditorium due to construction, and the big space had me thinking large motor activity.  I’ve long wanted to try life-sized Candy Land, and since the book relied so heavily on a journey, this seemed like a good opportunity to try it.  It did need a lot of space, and couldn’t accommodate a ton of kids at once, but they all had lots of fun with it – I’m glad we got the chance to try it out!

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