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Boys and Books: Bunnicula

bunniculaYou know how some programs just get you really jazzed up?  Boys & Books is like that for me right now.  Take a handful (or two) of 3rd and 4th grade boys, some moms, dads, a grandparent or two, and a good book, and — voila!  Awesome fun.

Last month, I got really elaborate with Pirate Diary.  The 45-minute program lasted 90 minutes, took a ton of materials, and made a huge mess.  (I think I still have paint on my shoes.)  This month, with Bunnicula, the 45-minute program lasted 45 minutes, used paper and pencils, and made no mess.  And you know what?  It was still fun.  I love watching the socializing – the kids and adults make it their own thing, and just really have a good time together.

For the summer, we allow the rising 3rd and 4th graders to attend, as well as the graduating 3rd and 4th graders.  Since this was the last summer session, I said good bye to the incoming 5th graders at the end.  One of them asked me if we can have a 5th grade club next year.  That made my day!

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