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Letter A Storytime

scented-dough-1It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing storytimes for 10 years now.  It’s still one of the best parts of my job, but one of the things I’ve been struggling with lately is how much to introduce new material each week, vs. going with the tried-and-true.  Last fall, we did with color-themed storytimes, and this fall, we’re doing letter themes, so it’s really easy to go back through my favorites and find books I’ve used that can fit into these broad themes.  This is really different than doing, say, Weather storytime and having to search for weather books that work.  I think there are benefits to using stories you know well, as long as they’re still fun for you.  But how do you find new favorites if you’re never trying anything new?  This week, I used a lot of favorites, and added in one new book.  It will be interesting to see how this progresses as the season continues.

Also, in honor of the Storytime Underground Sunday Storytime Challenge #1, I tried a sensory-based activity – scented play dough.  Very fun!

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Boys & Books: The Houdini Box

houdini-boxWe have a program room!  We have a program room!  Next week I start Storytime again!

That’s it.  Boys and Books was loads of fun, as usual.  Third and fourth grade boys and magic is a good combination.

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