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Storytime: Letter A

apple-treeWe decided to go with the alphabet-themed storytimes again this year.  We were all pleased with both the structure and variety it allowed last year.  My goal, so as not to get too complacent, is to try at least one new-to-me book each week.

I am also still working on developing more process-oriented crafts, play, and sensory experiences at the end of storytime.  This week’s craft was interesting, because the product actually turned out really nicely, but I chose it for the process.  I loved the crinkling of the tissue paper and all of the different textures you could make out of it by crumpling, folding, twisting, putting it on flat, etc.  Since it looked nice no matter what the kids did with the materials, the adults pretty much stayed out of the kids’ way and let them work, so it worked pretty well.

Want to know more?  Read on!


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