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Can You Survive the Titanic?

can-you-survive-titanicProgram Plan:

Snack on fancy cookies and bubbly drinks while talking through the discussion questions.   Then play a quick round of two truths and a lie with Titanic facts and make and test foil boats in room temperature and icy water.

Next month – Wild Boy by Mary Losure


Possible questions for discussion:

  • Many of the passengers on the Titanic were moving to America to start a new life.  If you had to move and could only take one suitcase, what would you put in it?  Why?  (From )
  • Which character’s story did you find most interesting? Why?
  • Did you learn anything new about the Titanic from reading this book?  Was there anything you thought you knew about the Titanic that turned out to be wrong?
  • Why do you think people are still so interested in the Titanic?  What makes it such a compelling story, even 100 years later?
  • First- and second- class passengers were much more likely to survive than third-class passengers.  Why do you think that was?  Was it fair?  Do you think there would be the same result if the Titanic disaster happened today?  Why?
  • Australian multimillionaire Clive Palmer is building a replica ship called the Titanic 2 which is expected to set sail in 2018.  Would you like to sail on that ship?  Why?




Other Activities:

  • Fill a large balloon with ice to see how much of the ice floats above the water
  • Explore the Building Titanic app on the iPad (or I’m sure there are loads of other good apps)
  • Watch a clip from a nonfiction Titanic DVD

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