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The No 1 Car Spotter

no-1-car-spotterProgram Plan:

Snack on small cans of Coca-Cola and 7-Up, mini chocolate bars, dried mango, and plantain chips while talking through the discussion questions.



What Happened:

I had 6 boys with 3 moms and 2 dads.  Everyone enjoyed the book, and had some great discussions about how their lives were similar to and different from the characters in the book.

After the discussion, we broke up into two groups and had a contest to see who was, in fact, Number One.  The groups named themselves “5-Up” and “No. 1 Jet Spotters.”  The first two contests were more physical: a wheelbarrow race (parents holding up their kids) and a shuttle relay race.  For the shuttle relay, items mentioned in the story (lipstick,  nail polish, flip-flop, pencil) were laid out at one end of the room.  Adults shouted things for the boys to pick up, and boys took turns bringing back the thing his adult was asking for.

The second game was a Quizly classic car ID quiz  I found online.  Unlike some of the other quizzes, it actually answered each question as it went, which was helpful, but there were some ads.  We had some slight technical difficulties with the website and the projector, but overall it went well and everyone had fun.  One dad, who does not speak English as a first language and is usually pretty quiet, really knew his cars, so it was great to have him jump in and participate on this one.

Next month – Giants Beware! by Jorge Aguirre


Some other car quizzes:

Classic car quiz – identify the cars by their grills (no answers)

Another classic car quiz (no answers)

Brainfall car ID quiz with answers (has ads)


Other possible team game:

Rocket shuttle relay race (needs hula hoops)


Possible questions for discussion:

  • There are characters in the book whose names are popular American brand names like Coca-Cola and Nike, as well as characters whose names are English words, like Emergency, Sunshine, and Tuesday.  If you could pick a brand name or a common word for a name, what would it be?  Why?
  • How is No. 1’s life similar to or different from your own?  Which of these similarities/differences did you find the most surprising?  Why?
  • Many of No. 1’s relatives think that car spotting is useless, but it’s really important to him.  What things are important to you that your other family members don’t find interesting?
  • No. 1 described himself as a small boy with a big idea.  Can you think of a time when you solved a problem that other people couldn’t solve?
  • In the book, the wheelbarrows helped everyone in the village.  If you could think of one thing to add to our village to make it better, what would it be?





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