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Wild River

Program Plan:

wild-riverIf we hadn’t just had s’mores for Little Wolf’s Book of Badness, I’d totally have done it with this book.  I went with apple slices, little water bottles, and s’more flavored Rice Krispie treats, and the kids were happy.

For the activity, I considered finding a kayaking iPad game and doing some kind of video game tournament.  That would have covered both the video game and kayak adventure aspects of the book.  Then I thought how much cooler it would be to show the kids a real kayak.  I called our local L. L. Bean and they were able to send out one of their education staff.  Instead of a traditional book discussion plus activity, we ended up having a presentation about kayaking, camping, and general outdoor adventure, including lots of hands-on demos.  We had a real kayak, paddles, life jacket, camping backpack, cooking gear… the works!  If I hadn’t been so totally exhausted from construction-related activity, I probably would have remembered to bring my camera to get pictures of the boys sitting in the kayak, trying on the life jacket, etc.  Oops!

I ended up with 7 boys and 6 adults.  The presenter did a good job, although he ran a little bit long.  Overall, I’d say people enjoyed it, although they will probably be happy to go back to our more traditional activities for July.


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