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Letter O

Opening Song: “I Am Here & You Are Here” by Peter & Ellen Allard (on Sing It! Say It! Stamp It! Sway It! Vol. 3)

Mystery Bag objects: olives, orange, octopus, oval

Because we’d already talked about the letter, I introduced each story or song by having them guess what O-word it was about.

new-socks Story: New Socks by Bob Shea (orange).  I love this book.  It is deceptively simple – few words, bright pictures – but has some little, clever jokes for the older kids and the adults.  (“Orange is just my size!”)  Only a few of the 4s and 5s noticed he was using his sock as a phone to talk to the President, and really got the joke at the end, but everyone played pretty good attention.

soup-operaStory: A Soup Opera by Jim Gill (opera).  This was a last minute add.  As I was listening to Echo on CD on my way to work in the morning, I started thinking about opera, and grabbed up the book right before storytime.  The kids really loved singing their part, and the adults joined in really nicely.

Song:  “All the Fish” on Caspar Babypants I Found You (ocean).  A parent helped me blow bubbles, so we just listened to the song and popped bubbles.  (“Bubble, bubble, bubble, pop!”)  This is also a fun song to just sing without the CD and act out the different motions for the animals.

owl-babiesStory: Owl Babies by Martin Waddell (owls).  This is another one where the kids have a line – “I want my mommy!” – to repeat.  Both this one and New Socks are pretty simple books, but they were engaging to both the older and younger kids, and with the longer story in the middle, it balanced just right.

Closing Song: “See Ya Later”

octopus-1Craft: paper bag octopus puppet.  This was a clean-out-the-craft-drawer project.  I don’t know what the strips were left from, but I found a stash of them.  Throw in some white paper bags and dot stickers, and voila! Octopus.  (I actually tried to make these out of paper plates, but no matter how I put the legs, it ended up looking like a jellyfish.)


Possible subthemes: ocean, orange, octopus, owl

Other possible titles:  

Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise by Sean Taylor (owl)

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell (owl)

I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry (ocean)

Over in the Ocean: In a Coral Reef by Marianne Berkes (ocean)



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