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For the week before and the week of Halloween, we decided to go with Orange and Black.  We figured we could branch out or just do a lot of Halloween stuff.

Opening Song: “I Am Here & You Are Here” by Peter & Ellen Allard (on Sing It! Say It! Stamp It! Sway It! Vol. 3)

seeing-orangeNonfiction: Orange: Seeing Orange All Around Us by Sarah Schuette.  As in past weeks, I used this one as a guessing game to introduce some things that are orange.  It nicely hit pumpkins and goldfish, which I was planning to read/sing about anyway. The hardest one to guess was traffic cones.


ten-orange-pumpkinsStory: Ten Orange Pumpkins by Stephen Savage.  The clear pattern and rhyming text combine together to help the kids predict the number of pumpkins remaining.  What happens to the pumpkins is not always spelled out in the text, but is clear in the images.  This gave us something to talk about on each page.

witch-casts-a-spellSong: Adaptation of The Witch Casts a Spell by Suzanne Williams.  I loved the idea of this book, but wasn’t crazy about the actual story/verses/illustrations.  This is the perfect time to create a flannel (or, in this case, magnet) story.  I found clip art pictures for some common Halloween items: kids in costume, ghosts, spider, bats, black cat, witch, and jack-o’-lanterns.  I printed, cut out, and laminated the pieces, and then glued magnets to the back.  I wrote verses for each one.  Then, at storytime, I handed out the pieces.  I called the kids up one at a time to put up their pieces, and we sang the verse for each one.  I ended with the kids trick-or-treating.  I think I will probably use this one again at my Black and Halloween storytimes next week.  There weren’t enough pieces for everyone, so I mostly handed out to the bigger kids.  This actually inspired two kids who were sitting at the very back of the room with their caregiver to move onto the carpet with the other kids, which was nice.

orange-aardvarkStory: It’s an Orange Aardvark! by Michael Hall.  An adventurous carpenter ant drills a series of holes in the log home he shares with several others.  Each hole reveals a different color.  Most of the ants enjoy the sight, but one – a definite worrywart – comes up with a troubling explanation for each new color.  (It’s an orange aardvark coming to eat us!  And he’s wearing blue pajamas! And holding red ketchup! And purple juice! Because everyone knows that aardvarks are orange when they’re hungry, and like to eat their ants at bedtime with ketchup and juice.)  The kids loved making the drilling noises with me.  They also liked the increasingly convoluted explanations of the worried ant, but the adults liked them even more.  (Hooray for keeping the adults amused!)  I actually found the end of the book a little bit ambiguous – did the ants get eaten by an orange aardvark? – so I wimped out and ended on the second-to-last page when they’re flying out of their log admiring the view.

pumpkin-craftSong:  “Goldfish” by Laurie Berkner on Victor Vito.  For this one, I just played the song and we all danced along.  It was a small group, and small groups aren’t always as into dancing as bigger groups, but we had fun with this one.

I had planned to finish with The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams, but there wasn’t time.

Closing song: “See You Later”

Craft: Glue orange, green, and black scraps on a pumpkin shape to make a jack-o’-lantern.


Verses for my adaptation of The Witch Casts a Spell by Suzanne Williams

This is sung to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell.”

The ghosts swoop and swirl.
The ghosts swoop and swirl.
Such sights are seen on Halloween,
The ghosts swoop and swirl.

Other verses:
The spider spins a web.
The bats fly in the sky.
The black cat says, “Meow!”
The jack-o’-lanterns glow.
The witch rides a broom.
The kids say, “Trick or treat!”


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