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Shape-themed storytime continues.  We considered topics like ice cream (cones), pizza, party (hats), mountains, circus (tents), camping (tents), houses (roofs), and sailboats.

Opening Song: “I Am Here & You Are Here” by Peter & Ellen Allard (on Sing It! Say It! Stamp It! Sway It! Vol. 3)

toot-toot-zoomStory: Toot Toot Zoom! by Phyllis Root.  I love some of the language in this one.  And even though it starts off a bit slow, the chatterers are reigned in by the “Toot toot zoom!  Toot toot zoom! Toot toot screeeeech!”  The fact that it’s repeated makes it even better.  The kids were also quite pleased with themselves that they figured out that Pierre had found a friend before he figured it out for himself, and they loved noticing how many pieces of the broken car were used to make the new house at the end.

Song: “I Wear a Hat.”  We made a little triangular hat out of our hands for this one, and had fun wiggling lots of different body parts.  I started with head, and then the kids added arm (which was easy to wiggle, but hard to do with our hand hat), cheek, bottom, nose, pocket, legs, and maybe a few more.

gonna-climb-a-mountainStory: I’m Gonna Climb a Mountain in My Patent Leather Shoes by Marilyn Singer.  I’m on an anti-gendered-toys-and-books kick, and I can’t decide whether I like this one or not.  It reads aloud nicely (although the Bigfoot references are a little bit weird.)  And while I love that she doesn’t let being sparkly stop her from adventuring, I’m also wondering why she had to bring purse, cape, crown, wand, etc. on a camping trip.  Anyway, the kids, unburdened by my adult angst, liked the rhyme structure, the outdoor activities, and the fancy clothes.

Storshape-songy/Action Song: The Shape Song Swingalong by SteveSongs.  When I use this book at Storytime, I like to teach the chorus and actions first (I learned them from the handy enclosed enhanced CD) and then have someone else hold the book while I read it so that I can do the actions with the kids.  I do the chorus twice each time so that the kids have time to get into it before it’s over.  The CD does have a tune for the rest of the book, but I read the other parts and only sing the chorus.  There are a few places where the rhythm/rhyme fall apart and a few weird page turns that break up the rhythmic flow.  If I haven’t just read the book before I do it at storytime, I usually muck those up, but everyone is having too much fun dancing to care.

hi-pizza-manStory: “Hi, Pizza Man!” by Virginia Walter.  Storytime classic!  There were a lot of really young ones today who couldn’t sit still for Patent Leather Shoes who were drawn back in by Shape Song Swingalong and Pizza Man.

Closing Song: See Ya Later

triangle-hatCraft: Birthday hats.  These are really cones, not triangles, but who’s counting?  For my sample I used card stock and found it a little too stiff.  Someone else suggested construction paper, which I chose for the colors and the slightly stiff paper.  I wish I had tried it first, though, because it was a little bit hard to roll and super hard to glue; we ended up taping them shut.  A lot of the adults had trouble rolling and taping these, so even though the kids liked decorating (and wearing) them, it was probably too fidgety for storytime.  The kiddo who made the hat seen here used only markers for decoration, but I also had construction paper triangles (left overs from cutting out the hats) to glue on.

I Wear a Hat
To the Tune of “This Old Man”

On my head, I wear a hat.
It is such a funny hat
That my head can wiggle, wiggle to and fro.
Where else can my fun hat go?

Repeat with other body parts.


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