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Process Art

There was a discussion today on the Storytime Underground facebook group about process vs. product art.  Some people asked for examples of process art.  Here are some projects that I’d classify as process-based,  Some are art, and some are just play:


Fruit stamping with lemons and limes.

Apple stamping (theme: Red)

Bubble wrap printing (theme: Dots & Stripes)

Circle collages with buttons (theme: Circles)

Collage (theme: Green)

Color Mixing (theme: Purple)

Crayon resist (theme: Blue)

Foil art (theme: Friends)

Gel painting (theme: Colors)

Ice painting (theme: Winter)

Magformer building (theme: Magnets)

Magnet decorating (theme: Magnets)

Orange stamping (theme: Chinese New Year)

Play dough (theme: Dinosaurs)

Shaving cream puffy paint (theme: White – ooh, and also for Winter)

Sponge painting (theme: Bugs)

Stamping (theme: Pink)

Tissue paper bleeding (theme: Rain)

Water beads (theme: Water)

Watercolor painting on filters (theme: Colors)

Wet chalk drawing (theme: Eggs)

And here are some that are slightly more product-oriented, but with freedom for the kids to make it their own:

Birthday hats (theme: Triangles)

Cookie decorating (theme: Circles)

Dot painted pies (theme: Brown)

Kindergarten journal (theme: Kindergarten)

Letter writing (theme: Squares & Rectangles)

Make-your-own book (theme: Yellow)

Mosaic jack-o-lanterns (theme: Orange)

Quilts (theme: Bedtime)

Self-portraits (theme: Babies)

Space collages (theme: Space)

Spider webs (theme: Black)

Underwater scenes (theme: Water)

Valentine cards (theme: Stars & Hearts)

And these ones are basically product-oriented, but with a purpose:

Doctor kit (theme: Community Helpers)

Flip books (theme: Farm)

Little Mouse game (theme: Gray)

Musical instruments (theme: Sound)

Rheoscopic fluid bottles (theme: Water)


Comments on: "Process Art" (1)

  1. This is so awesome! I am definitely more of a fan of process oriented art! Looking forward to doing some of these with my toddlers at storytime. 🙂

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