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Storytime Craft Ideas

soupbowl of soup (sick, soup, food, winter)

bubble painting: colored bubble solution, straws, cardstock (any theme)

star-streamerdancing ribbons: craft stick with paper circle, die cut star, ribbon or crepe paper streamer (space, stars, music, dance)

egg carton caterpillar

filter paper decorated with sprayed on liquid water color; or, color with marker and then spray water over the top

foil-covered plate, decorated with sequins, heart cut-outs (Valentine’s Day)

ghostfrog: paper plate folded in half, decorated, blower for tongue (frogs, spring)

ghost puppet (Halloween; could also be a jellyfish with colored streamers for an underwater theme)

kid blowing nose: paper plate with blower for nose, tape or glue tissue over the blower so that when the blower goes out, it looks (and sounds) like someone blowing their nose (winter, sick)

mini paper plate “baseball” with yarn lacing (balls, baseball, spring)paper-plate-baseball

watermelonpaper plate watermelon (summer, picnic, food); I actually never used this one because I thought it was too proscribed, but it’s cute

paper towel tube, covered with colored paper, decorated with die-cut letters (pirates, alphabet)
search-and-findsearch and find bag: plastic bag filled with gel, ultrafine glitter, beads; sealed with duct tape (could do an underwater theme; this one was ABCs)  I got this idea from Kelsey at librarybonanza.

two layers of clear contact paper with bits of tissue paper, crepe paper, and/or die cut shapes in between; can be a place mat (Thanksgiving, picnic, food) or a sun catcher (any theme, depending on choice of die cut shapes)placemat


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