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Wild Boy

wild-boyProgram Plan:

This time, we’re going to snack first.  I’m going to make the kids request their milk and cake by spelling out the words – but in Russian, which they don’t know.  (The parents will get cheat sheets.)  Then, in the discussion, we can talk about how it felt to not understand what was going on.  After the discussion questions, we’ll watch some clips from the film Wild Child, a 1969 French movie adaptation of the story.  If the kids are getting antsy or need something else to do, we’ll play find the walnut (ok, actually marble) under paper cups.

During the actual program, one of the boys wanted to try racing on all fours, so we added that as well.  It was really fun, but we definitely needed to clear some space.


Next month – The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, by Tom Angleberger

Possible questions for discussion:

  1. How did you feel when you had to use a language you didn’t know to ask for something you wanted?  How do you think that was similar to or different from the way Victor felt when Dr. Itard wanted him to ask for food?
  2. What makes humans different from animals?  Was Victor a human or an animal?  Why?
  3. Would it have been better for Victor to stay in the woods or to join French society?  Why?
  4. Why do you think the scientists of the time were so interested in Victor?  Would anything be different if Victor were discovered today?
  5. If a “wild child” was found around here and brought into our community, what do you think would surprise him the most?  What would he like best?  What would he dislike?
  6. Victor was never able to explain how he ended up in the woods.  What do you think happened?

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