Because planning a program doesn't just take 5 minutes


Hands-On Science (K-5th grade)

During the school year, we run a monthly Hands-On Science program.  We offer the same topic two months running, first to 3rd-5th graders and then to K-2nd graders.  Sometimes we call it Hands-On Engineering and focus on a more applied problem: build a tower, build a racetrack, etc.

These are listed alphabetically, but I’ve included the dates just because – well, just because.

3-D Shapes (Nov/Dec 2015)

Balloon Science (Jan/Feb 2016)

Forensic Science (Jan 2015)

Human Body – Sep/Oct 2015

Index Card Towers – Mar/Apr 2014

Magnets – Sep/Oct 2014

Simple Machines – Jan/Feb 2014

Spring Break Flubber – Apr 2014


STEM Storytimes (Preschool)

This includes regular storytimes which included science activities as well as Preschool Explorers storytimes with one story and a variety of related art and science activities.

Preschool Explorers: Colors – Jun 2014

Preschool Explorers: Dinosaurs – Jun 2014

Preschool Explorers: Magnets – Nov 2014

Preschool Explorers: Roads & Bridges – Nov 2015

Preschool Explorers: Sound – Dec 2014

Preschool Explorers: Water – Jul 2014

Spring Rain – Mar 2014

Winter – Jan 2014


ECRR2 Workshops (Preschool)

Fun with Math – Mar 2014

Fun with Science 2013 – Nov 2013

Fun with Science 2014 – Nov 2014

Fun with Science 2016 – Nov 2016


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